Xfinity has a major deal on all Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5g Phones through to July 13, 2020. Receive $200 off the price of the Galaxy S20+ as well as other select Samsung phones. See below for details.

Combine Xfinity Internet Services with a mobile plan and you can save $200 on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. Now is a great time to upgrade your internet and mobile plans and save big on Samsung’s flagship phone for 2020.

About The Galaxy S20

Released in February 2020 the Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra are Samsung’s flagship phones for 2020. One of the first phones ready for 5g networks, it comes with a whole host of new features and hardware enhancements to allow it to take advantage of the new high speed mobile networks being built out across the US on networks like Verizon.

These phones aren’t cheap though with the Galaxy S20+ sold at $1199 and the S20 Ultra at $1399. Finding a discount or incentive to make these phones more affordable to most people is a must.

The cameras on the S20+ and S20 Ultra are impressive and allow users to take extraordinary photos and video. Low light picture capabilities and stabilizing capabilities to take video on the move open a whole new creative landscape for anyone creating digital content with these devices.

To take advantage of the impressive hardware on the phone Samsung has improved its video and photo editing software to allow users to take professional quality video and photos with the device, edit for a seamless user experience and upload to the cloud with 5g mobile networks. It is no wonder Samsung skipped from the S11 and named this years device the S20 marking a new line in S series phones.

About Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile is a trade name for Comcast. With Comcast being the largest provider of cable internet access across the US they have many touch points and opportunities to bundle TV, Internet, Phone, and Wireless services.

You can find deals and discounts on the latest phones through Xfinity Mobile but they are conditional on moving your cable services to Xfinity to be eligible for the deal. Xfinity Mobile is not available to users who are not internet customers.

You won’t see Comcast building out its own wireless network though, Xfinity Mobile customers run on Verizon’s network which now gives Xfinity Mobile customers 5g access.

More About Xfinity’s $200 Discount Deal

As with all Xfinity Mobile deals they are conditional on the purchaser having Xfinity Internet. Once you have Xfinity Internet, to get the $200 off the phone you have sign-up for a 24 month payment plan on the device, open a new line with Xfinity Mobile and move an existing phone number from another carrier to Xfinity Mobile.

Xfinity has some great offers but they are serious about ensuring they only offer them as incentives to open new business and take business away for its competitors.

If you’re fine with these details then now is a great time to buy a new Samsung Galaxy S20+ and switch your mobile plan and number to Xfinity.