Whether you’re a Costco member or considering it, the huge wholesale store is the perfect place to pick up bulk items and, while you’re there, you might be tempted to fill your cart but is everything a saving? If you want to get the most out your membership, then it pays to shop smart. Here are some of the best things to stock up on at Costco:

Organic Produce

Costco has recently overtaken Whole Foods as the leading supplier of organic foodstuffs, and the ability to buy in bulk means clean, healthy eating can last longer in between shops. The range of organic food is also increasing which encourages farmers to continue supplying organic produce. You’ll find items including organic coconut oil, quinoa, fruit, soup and hummus.food

Gift Cards

If you’ve got birthdays or Christmas approaching then think about giving a gift that gives a person the freedom to buy what they want. Gift cards at Costco are a great bargain and can often be discounted by 30%. You might not think of Costco when shopping for gift cards, but it’s definitely worth a look for big discounts.#2 Gift Cards


According to many taste tests and reports, Costco’s own brand Kirkland Bacon scores better than any big branded equivalent! It’s also significantly cheaper than buying elsewhere so don’t think that house brands mean lesser quality because, in this case, you’d be missing a delicious bargain!

#3 Bacon

Cooking Oil

For those who do a lot of cooking and wish to stock their cupboards with bulk items, Costco is the perfect location for items such as extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil. Condiments are also a good buy here, and taste tests on Kirkland mayonnaise found it equally as tasty and less than half the price of the leading brand. Cooking spray is also cheaper than Walmart.#4 Cooking Oil


If you worry about bulk buying food in case it perishes, or you go overboard with portion size, then consider those items that it makes sense to have lots of, like batteries. They have a long shelf life; most families go through a lot of them especially with kids toys, and they are also a great bargain when bought in bulk at Costco. Kirkland batteries have also been rated as excellent.#5 Batteries


Again, don’t overlook the house brand Kirkland as they are pretty good. There are savings to be made too on name brands. If you have a party planned or want to stock up for the festive season, then Costco is an ideal choice, and in most states, you can visit Costco to purchase booze without the need for a membership card. As the biggest retailer of fine wine in the U.S, you’ll actually be in for a treat as Costco work with wineries all over the world to create their blends.


Prescription drugs

You don’t need to be a Costco member to use their pharmacy facility and the amazing news is that Costco sells the cheapest prescription drugs – at up to 447% less than other pharmacies for the same drug. Why would you go anywhere else for your drugs after hearing that?

#7 Prescription drugs

Travel Deals

This is not hugely well-known but Costco do indeed have a travel site where you can book vacations, rent cars and buy theme park tickets. The best deals are to be found on car rental as Costco Travel run a comparison across rental companies for you to choose the cheapest deal with added extras for Enterprise customers. Some vacations also include the benefit of room upgrades, breakfast in the resort or a Costco Cash Card.#8 Travel Deals


We all know we should drink more water but it’s not always easy or practical to follow health guidelines. To make things easier, Costco have provided the most fantastic deal on bottled water you’re ever likely to find. How does 40 bottles of Kirkland water for $2.99 sound? Drink it, bathe in it, or treat your house plants – at that price, there is no excuse not to stay seriously hydrated!#9 Water

Returned Items

You may not know, but Costco has a very generous returns policy, and because of this, you’ll often find a section in-store of items that have been returned but are still in good condition. Always check it out as you never know what you might find and the prices are always rock bottom too. Costco will let you return pretty much anything at any time unless it’s electronics and, if you buy something in-store that you then notice on sale within 30 days, you’ll get refunded the price difference!#10 Returned Items