There are various home items that, frankly, we just need anyway - so, why don't we buy ones that look a little quirky as well? Here are just a few examples of home products that, once they have entered your possession, could bring a smile to your face during routine household chores.

Shower Squids

We have to admit to liking our squids wet; it wasn't the best taste when we recently tucked into dried squid during a holiday in Japan. Fortunately, these particular squids have plenty of opportunities to get wet, as they are intended for keeping in the shower.

There, they can keep hold of your soap, shampoo and other washing essentials in their tentacles, which can be easily adjusted as well. Each squid has nine of those tentacles and is even capable of holding bottles upside down - useful for getting every single drop out of those containers.

Rainmaker - Plant Watering Cloud

Naturally, when you are trying to grow plants outside, the ideal scenario is for the heavens to regularly open and provide the water that your little green delights need.

However, sometimes, the clouds just won't help out, instead content to be fluffy white clumps of mist and little else. That's when you can turn to this cloud instead - a cloud-shaped top that can be placed onto most soft drinks bottles. You can squeeze an attached bottle to bring the "rain".

Yolkpig - Egg Separator

When you want to separate an egg yolk from the white, you probably don't immediately think of getting a pig to do the job for you. However, maybe you should - because this particular little piggy won't go to market, but instead stay at home, where it can suck up yolks through its nose.

As you have probably gathered by now, we aren't talking about a real pig. Instead, it's a useful little kitchen accessory for use with egg-based recipes. "That's all, folks!"

Plankton Pot Strainer

If many of your favorite dishes can't be made without, at some point, boiling water needing to be strained from a pot, then you will have an obvious requirement for a pot strainer.

A particularly fun take on a pot strainer is this one in the shape of a whale. The whale's "baleen" is, to be precise, what the liquid is strained through. This strainer can also withstand boiling water and is safe for use in dish washers.

Elephant Purse Hook

An elephant never forgets, so the saying goes - and we doubt that you would forget your own purse if it was routinely hanging from this elephant-shaped hook.

It's an undoubtedly cute design; the little elephant is made of stainless steel and looks like it is half-stood on a ball. Admittedly, though, there are no real-life elephants with trunks that are so much longer than their bodies - unless we haven't been paying enough attention to nature documentaries.

Pirate Corkscrew

You might think that all of the fun of using a corkscrew just comes from opening a bottle of wine that, before long, you will start enthusiastically glugging. However, with this corkscrew that resembles a pirate, it will be less a case of "Aaah!" and instead more like "Arrrg!"

While coming with such functional features as an easy-to-open lever and foil-cutter, it can also sport a cork as a "peg leg" to go with the "eye patch" and "beard" it already has.

Robot Nut Crackers

No, you wouldn't be nuts if you chose to buy these Robot Nut Crackers - because it's not you that they should be used for cracking. Whether you want to crack a walnut, hazelnut or any other kind of food nut, you can place it in the belly of one of these robots before twisting the key. That should leave you with a cracked-open shell.

The robots are the cute, vintage-looking type as well; we'll assume that the company behind these crackers isn't considering bringing out any that look like the T-1000 from Terminator 2...

Flower Power - Steam Releaser

When you're making a meal that requires you to heat something in a pot from which steam is released, this little flower could help your cookery efforts to... flower.

Here is how you can use it: place it on the pot's edge before resting the lid over it. When food inside the pot is being heated, the flower pets can occasionally spin. That's great for helping you to check that steam actually is getting released.

Himalaya - Spice Shakers

Have you ever climbed the Himalayas? Even if you have, imagine how much more fun the experience could have been if, before reaching the snowy part, there had been lots of spice beneath your feet. You can enjoy your own spicy Himalayas with these spice shakers.

Each set has four glass containers - including two large ones and two small ones. Each of the white shaker tops can be removed when you want to put spice into these containers.

Mr. Sponge - Sponge Holder

He might look like he belongs on a Pringles tube, but we like Mr. Sponge. He sometimes lends us his bow tie to use as a scrubbing and cleaning sponge - and, when we hand the tie back to him, he doesn't mind that it's all wet and needs time to dry. What a nice man.

Whether we place him on our kitchen tiles or inside our sink, he's always at hand with his fetching 'stache. He's so nice, we might even try his strangely-shaped crisps as well. Erm...

Elephant Snack Bowl

An elephant never for... oh, hang on, we've already done that reference. Ironically, we'd forgotten. We'll go with another familiar elephant-based phrase when we say that this is no white elephant.

Well, except that it literally is a white elephant; it's a snack bowl which allows you to place such nibbles as shells and pits through the "trunk". Those little bits of food will then go right through to the body. This durable white ceramic bowl is, in total, 4 inches tall and 6.75 inches long.

Nessie Ladle

It turns out that the Loch Ness Monster does actually exist - she is in our soup! She can be in yours as well; this Nessie-shaped ladle has four "feet" to prevent sinking or ending up completely submerged in the pot. She doesn't seem quite as good at hiding as the supposed real-life Nessie, then...

However, that's no bad thing, since she can make home cooking even more fun. She is also durable and dishwasher safe, with a nylon body that can be placed in stews, not just soup.

Kitty Measuring Cups

These cups come in a set of four, including quarter-cup, third-cup, half-cup and full-cup sizes that are clearly labeled. You'll probably want them right meow, especially as they resemble cute cats of different colors - including cream, light gray and dark gray. What a purr-fect choice!

Cat lovers - of which there is hardly a shortage, judging from social media - are likely to delight at these ceramic vessels, which can also be hand washed.

Thanks to the Internet, the world is probably more aware of the availability of eccentric household products than it has ever previously been. However, we are still convinced that the products we have listed in this article are among the best of the best for lovable weirdness.

Ice Cream Cone Ice Scraper

It can be such a chore to scrape ice, right? Try saying that to people who scrape ice cream from cartons. For them, scraping ice can actually be a lot of fun.

No, we aren't about to say that you can turn all of the ice on your windows into ice cream. However, you can pick up this ice scraper which has been designed to look like an ice cream cone. Just don't mistake it for an actual cone and think of biting the ice you scrape off windows with it...

Smile Switch - LED Wall Night Lights

We have always been amused by those light switches where screws and the switch itself combine to look like a funny face. Well, you can have proper faces on your light switches when you invest in some of these - which, we should add, are not actually conventional light switches...

With each one, the switch only turns on the face - there are no external lights that it can activate. Each of these switches is an LED one that is battery-powered.