It feels good to have a car at our disposal. Getting the right insurance for your car is something else. It is, also, one of the “hidden” costs of owning a car, since when people think about a car they rarely ever think about the insurance.

Luckily, it also happens to be one of the best things you ever pay for. It helps a lot when you eventually find yourself in a car accident – and let’s be clear, if you own a car for a number of years, chances are you will sooner or later find yourself in one, even if it is a minor crash.

Its usefulness, however, doesn’t take away from the annoyance of paying for it. However, there are ways to minimize these payments while also maximizing your coverage. As usual with insurance policies, you just have to know what to aim for.

1. Shop Around

Perhaps the most basic of tips, yet one that needs to be said. Rarely ever will you get the best deal on your first auto insurance quote. In fact, premiums can vary wildly among companies, since insurers use different risk ratings for different car models.

Shopping around has to be the first step to take when looking for any kind of insurance although many people sometimes often forget to do so. Getting multiple car insurance quotes online is easy and highly recommended.

Knowing which companies will insure you at a decent price can be a great help when deciding the coverage you are accepting. To call an insurance agent and just accept what you get is way too amateurish to do.

2. Buy Safe, Durable Cars

Sure, this isn’t quite possible if you already have a car, as buying another one will likely end up more expensive than just paying the quote you got. But if you’re shopping for a car, do look into insurance premiums for the model you’re getting, since this among other things can impact your premiums.

In general, the more expensive and luxurious your car is, the more expensive the premiums will be. However, that’s not the only thing that affects it – your model’s track record regarding reliability and safety will also impact your premiums. The safer, more durable your model is considered, the less you’ll be asked to pay for insurance.

Other things that will change your premiums are your credit history, your insurance history, and the state of your car in particular. But those three are more difficult to change on a whim.

3. Look For Group Discounts

While insurance companies don’t advertise these much for obvious reasons, many of them do offer discounts. For example, it’s not uncommon for companies to have special discounts for students, the elderly, or people insuring several cars.

Just as well, your accident history can also be used to ask for discounts, and some companies even offer discounts to members of specific work or social groups.

In general, if you belong to a group that’s eligible for discounts under other situations, there’s a decent chance you’ll also qualify for a discount on your car insurance. It never hurts to ask, so even if you’re not outright offered a discount, ask about it.

Pay Less For More Time

While most people pay for their auto insurance on an annual basis, it doesn’t need to be so. Many companies allow their customers to pay premiums periodically or semi-annually but sometimes even longer. The advantage here is that you get to keep the same premiums for several years in a row, plus an extra discount.

The disadvantages, of course, is having to pay much more in one go, and the risk of an accident not covered by your insurance company (often known as “acts of God”) destroying your car long before the insurance period is up.


Auto insurance is a necessity that a car owner has to make provision for as a matter of fact. Getting the best deals will depend on your mastery of the tips provided and acting on them.