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Learning Resources All About Me Family Counters
Set of 72 counters come in 6 different shapes and colors to represent the people and pets - Great for counting, sorting and patterning.
Learning Resources Gears Gizmos
Includes: Springs, Spirals and Propeller, Plus Small, Medium and Large Gears
Learning Resources Rainbow Sorting Crayon
Ages 3-7\nA rainbow of play possibilities comes packed inside these giant crayons.\n\n# Invites children to peek inside each crayon and discover different color-coded figurines for matching, sorting and imaginative play\n\n# Encourages kids to learn...
Junior Learning Roll a Story Game Delelop Story Telling and Oral Language - Multi
Help children develop story telling and oral language with roll a story dice. Simply roll the dice and let the pictures guide childrens imagination. How to play 1. Roll the dice and look at pictures face up. 2. Group dice together that are related. 3....
Guidecraft Tactile Turn 'N Match
The Guidecraft Tactile Turn N Match is a fun and interactive toy that teaches about matching textures. Five textures are fixed to a rod, and corresponding cylinder tiles are included.
Learning Resources Primary Science Color Mixing Lenses
Includes 1 one sturdy lens frame (with 3 slots) and 3 colored lenses (red, yellow, blue) - Place up to 3 interchangeable, primary-color lenses into the frame to create secondary colors.
Junior Learning Ten Frame Towers Game Teaches counting numbers, visualizing numerals, and building n
Roll the dice and stack as many ten frame number tile combinations as you can. The highest stacked tower wins. Build number bonds to 10 with the innovative stacking frames and develop arithmetic through multi sensory learning. Helps students to quickly...
Learning Resources Jumbo Foam Polyhedral Dice
Perfect for quiet individual group or match center activities this set of 5 soft foam polyhedral dice includes dice with 4 8 10 12 and 20 sides. Use to explore addition subtraction greater than and less than probability and more.
Learning Resources Liquid Measurement Set
18 Piece - 4 Measuring Jars with Caps - Set of 3 Measuring Pitchers - Set of 5 Measuring Cups - Set of 6 Measuring Spoons
Learning Resources Solar Lantern - Multi
Light up the night with the power of the sun with the primary science solar lantern from learning resources, kids see the concepts of renewable energy in action. Small solar panels on the lantern's top collect energy from the sun during the day,...