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With Easter coming in the Spring each year, flowers are a traditional Easter gift to send or be used around the house. Easter flowers are commonly used as gifts, centerpieces or incorporated into religious decorations. Here is a list of the most popular flowers used at Easter and what their common meanings are to help you decide which ones to buy this Easter.

The White Lily (Easter Lily)

When it comes to traditional Easter flowers the white Lily is at the top of the list. It even goes by the name of Easter Lily. This is a very popular Easter flower that is associated with the resurrection of Christ. It also represents a flower that is untainted by the world and has common meanings of purity and innocence. Outside of the traditional religious meanings, the white lily also represents hope and love for many people.

Incorporating White Lilies into your home around Easter is a great, traditional, way to make your home feel fresh and joyful in early spring.

white lilies

Tulips (White & Purple)

Tulips are another great choice for an Easter flower. Around Easter white and purple Tulips have special meanings that are appropriate for this religious celebration. White tulips have the common meaning of forgiveness and purple tulips represent royalty. However, if you want to incorporate some more color into your home at Easter, all tulips generally represent passion, belief, and love. They are also another well known spring flower representing the rebirth after winter.


Daffodils are another early spring flower that are associated with the rebirth after winter and are commonly used in Easter flower arrangements. The most common color used in Easter floral arrangements are the bright yellow variety with a large central trumpet. Daffodils are the most popular in Europe as Easter flowers and are known as Easter Bells in Germany. Daffodils are also used as a gift to express how much respect you have for the recipient. The size of the grouping of daffodils can be used to express how high your regard is for the person you are giving them too, so don't give a gift of one daffodil... that is if you respect the person.


There are many religious references to daisies and Christ. That along with the bright vibrant colors available with varieties like the Gerbera Daisy makes them a popular Easter flower. Daisies also generally represent purity, loyalty, and innocence. Daisies are also fragrant which is a great way to enhance the flowers around you home. White daisies generally represent serenity and purity while colored daisies are considered uplifting and cheerful.
gerbera daisies red


Hyacinths are native to the eastern Mediterranean and are spring flowering bulbs that come in rich colors and have an intense fragrance. The various colors have different common meanings. White Hyacinths can mean you are praying for someone while giving purple hyacinths is commonly considered an apology. In today's society the common meaning of all the varieties of Hyacinths is most likely lost on most people but yellow hyacinths are considered a symbol of jealousy... you may want to avoid yellow at Easter!


Azalea's at Easter are less common but often get incorporated into spring/Easter flower arrangements because of their vivid colors and unique elegant appearance. A common meaning for giving Azalea's is to indicate your desire for someone to take care of themselves.


As a general rule at Easter, white lilies and other colorful spring flowers are a great choice. With spring flowers coming out at the end of winter they symbolize rebirth and connect well with themes of Easter. If you are considering some fresh-cut Easter flowers here is a link to florists to order flowers online today! Order Easter Flowers