Your phone is your connection to your virtual world. Whether you need it for work plans, keeping in contact with your family, or even to draw or play games on it, it is critical that your phone plan reflects your needs. If it does not then you may be in for a nasty surprise when you see a bill at the end of the month for apps and phone services that you do not actually need. Allow this list to give you some ideas on what plans you may need in regards to your interests.

For the normal mobile user

Not everyone wants to use all of the fancy apps and gizmos upon their phone. A phone should be used to keep in contact with friends and loved one, and to occasionally answer a quick work email. If you do not want to be glued to your phone, a contract that has 2GB to 5GB of data per month may be a good way of saving money without being starved of technology. Whilst a Virgin plan would not get you the best roaming spots, it would give you unlimited messages and call minutes, which is always useful when you are calling up a loved one for a chat.

Virgin Mobile Customers can even gain some fantastic deals and discounts on clothing, car shares, flowers and even the cinema. However, try not to let this sway you should you require more data. You can upgrade whenever you want.

Endless Data

This feature is for the avid internet surfer. Without a specific phone plan, when you are using internet applications, including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, you are constantly using data. Whilst you can get a plan which allows you to pay for an amount of data before topping it up whenever it runs out, it is more effective to buy a plan for unlimited data for a certain amount of money per month. A phone plan provided by Boost can provide you with that surfing time for $50 per month. This includes an unlimited (and high-speed data supply), texts and minutes for your calls. This is also one of the cheapest plans on the market that includes unlimited texts, thus it is certainly worth it if you intend to use the internet on your phone on a regular basis.

For the Older Generation

Whilst high quality data, video streaming and unlimited text messages may be useful for the younger generation to keep in contact with their friends, that is not always useful for the older generation. For those in their golden period, they may simply want a phone to call their loved ones and keep in contact with friends. Whilst many plans that are suitable for elders may incorporate a pay as you go scheme, it may be best to set up a pre-paid plan in order to make sure you can always use your phone without any bill worries. If you are prone to forgetting then you can even use direct debit to ensure you are always up to date with payments for your plan. For U.S Mobile, you will only need to pay $4 a month with your text messaging and calls billed separately. You will only need to pay as much as you spend, thus it is very useful to keep in control of your device, making it simple so you fully understand how to get the most out of it.

However, if you are up-to-date with the most common technology, don’t let a simple plan slow you down. With T- Mobile, you can have a simple plan for $80 with all the perks of unlimited calls, texting and data. It can even hook you up with the best roaming and international text hotspots, which is perfect for keeping in contact with your family when you take your retirement holiday.

Going Abroad with your Phone

It is essential for a holiday to not just isolate you from the world. It is scary enough travelling on your own, but to have no way to contact friends or loved ones if things go wrong can feel extremely dangerous.

Instead of paying the extremely heavy fees that can come with a roaming plan abroad, why not look into Project Fi, where you only pay for the data you use, rather than for any additional fees. For only $20, plus an extra $10 per GB used, this plan includes unlimited calls and texting in the US, and unlimited texting when abroad. You can use roaming internationally, but be warned that if you require high speed data then this will cost more money, precisely $10. However, it is a very useful plan as it can be used in more than 170 countries for the same price as you would use back in your home.