We've all heard of Black Friday, but what about Cyber Monday? Cyber Monday is a relatively new concept and is a marketing term for the Monday following Thanksgiving. It was coined by marketing companies in a bid to encourage people to shop online.

Cyber Monday 2018 falls on November 26th and is set to be the biggest yet. The likes of Nike, HP, Samsung, Amazon, Bose, Kohl’s, Apple and Sephora are all set to have mega deals on show. Cosmetics retailer Sephora is likely to have deals featuring free shipping on orders of $50 and over as well as give away three free samples with every order - and that is just the start.

Technology temptations

Much like Black Friday, Cyber Monday has become rather predictable in terms of deals, but that doesn’t mean there aren't huge savings to be made. With Christmas around the corner, Cyber Monday 2018 should allow you to fulfill the bulk of your shopping list in just one day. If you’re after an iPad, the cheapest of the new 2018 iPads is likely to be discounted despite coming out just a few months ago.

Target and Best Buy are renowned for discounting iPads, while Walmart is likely to have some type of offer on. A 9.7” WiFi iPad with 32GB of storage is going to set you back $329 should you purchase it now; however, if you wait until Cyber Monday, you should be able to get it for $299 as the online retailers vie for every dollar you have.

Amazon is huge on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In fact, Cyber Monday is expected to be more like Cyber Weekend with the online retail giant. 4K TVs, laptops, headphones, cameras, iPhones, PS4s, Nintendos and Xbox Ones will make the site an entertainment and technology savings haven. Further electrical retailers are also likely to offer deals on small appliances and so-called white goods - so, if you’re looking for a new toaster or stereo system, hang tight, as Cyber Monday 2018 will provide the goods.

Walmart’s wonders

If you’re looking to kit out your house with some new gear, whether it be furniture, appliances, entertainment systems, you name it, Walmart’s website is the place to be. Last year, the supermarket giant offered huge savings on bed frames, mattresses, dining tables and chairs, cutlery, crockery, sofas, TVs, TV stands and decor. Customers were able to secure a double mattress for less than $100 and save over $100 on vacuums.

In addition to some fantastic homeware, Walmart even offered huge savings on the likes of games consoles and trampolines - so, if you’re looking to get something for the little ones, look no further. It's likely that Walmart will, like the majority of retailers, continue its Black Friday promotions online and carry them through to Cyber Monday.

Almost free fashion

We say almost free as some of the savings are so huge, it may seem that way! Fashion retailers such as ASOS are set to offer site-wide discounts, meaning you’ll be able to kit out a whole new wardrobe for yourself at a fraction of the price. With up to 70% off certain items, you’ll get to treat yourself to new outfits for whatever time of year - and planning ahead is always a great way to save. Therefore, come summertime, you’ll be ever so grateful for Cyber Monday.

As well as taking 70% off certain items, ASOS is likely to repeat last year’s tricks and knock down prices on every product by 20%. The fashion retailer is well-known for selling high street, mid-chain and designer items, so you’re sure to be able to grab a bargain. ASOS is expected to start its sales event on Black Friday and carry it through to Cyber Monday.

Where to find a new cell phone

Whilst we can almost guarantee that the new iPhone XS will not be on sale come Cyber Monday given the fact it has just been launched, you still be able to acquire a new handset at a discounted price. Carriers such as Verizon, Sprint and AT&T are likely to offer incentives for signing up for contracts - and, whether you benefit from trade-ins for your current handset, a discount off the price you pay now, a slight discount off what you pay each month or even some free data or free minutes, you will make a saving in some way.

If you’re more Android than Apple, you may be in luck. Last year, we saw the lowest-ever price of the Samsung Galaxy 8 on contract and, as the S9 was released back in March, there’s sure to be some tasty discounts to be had, so keep your eyes peeled.