Over the years, more and more items around the house have received injections of sophisticated and surprisingly futuristic technology as the “smart home” revolution has taken hold. Now, you can control speakers, lightbulbs and even locks from your smartphone.

It’s even possible for you to extend this functionality to your mattress. Given the typically high price tag attached to a mattress and even more for a natural or organic mattress, it’s hardly surprising that you would need to shell out even more for a smart mattress, so you must spend your dollars wisely – perhaps on one of these mattresses...

Eight Mars+

If you would like to firmly integrate your mattress with a broader network of appliances in your smart home, the Eight Mars+ would make an excellent choice. It offers compatibility with a surprisingly vast range of devices for in-depth functionality.

For example, you can set up the bed’s smart alarm to spring to life at the same time as a set of Philips Hue smart bulbs to help you to start your morning in the right way. Similarly, when the mattress is connected to a Nest thermostat, the home can comfortably cool during your slumber.

Beautyrest SmartMotion Base 3.0

In a strict sense, this isn’t a mattress, but instead a bed base which you can use with any mattress – whatever its material and firmness – for a customized experience during the night hours.

Once you’ve fitted your mattress into the SmartMotion Base system, you can carefully tailor that base’s mechanics to raise and lower your bed’s head and foot separately for your comfort. The “Zero G” setting lifts your feet higher than your heart to improve your circulation.

The Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor is also supplied for free with the SmartMotion Base and can sense your sleeping habits to be reported back to you by Amazon’s Alexa.

Temper-Pedic TEMPUR-Ergo Premier

The importance of getting good sleep mustn’t be underestimated – certainly as far as your overall health is concerned. However, if you often suffer from insomnia, this could easily induce frustration that, ironically, even further hinders your efforts to get to sleep.

It’s reassuring, then, that this adjustable base can give you a rejuvenating massage before you close your eyes for the night. From the included remote control or a smartphone or tablet already in your possession, you can also precisely tweak the rest position for ergonomic results.

Reverie Signature 5D Adjustable Power Base

One potentially big problem with a mattress is that it can feel… well, just a little too firm for comfort. As a result, you can find yourself struggling to adjust your body to the bed rather than have it adjust itself to you – but this doesn’t have to be the case with this Reverie offering.

As the term “Power Base” suggests, this is essentially a flexible foundation rather than a mattress. However, in using it with a mattress, you can elevate the head or foot of your bed to practically any angle. This can even help in opening your airways to reduce snoring.

ReST Bed

It might just look like a rather ordinary bed from the outside, but this complete mattress set is actually packed with clever technology. This includes cooling and pressure elements which can suitably react to various precise areas of your body for an amazing level of comfort.

Did we really say “react”? In case you are wondering, yes, we really do mean that the bed can act of its own accord to meet your nighttime needs as they fluctuate and change. However, using a tablet provided with the mattress, you can still change the settings manually, should you prefer this.

Serta Motion Perfect

You might have different positions that you favor depending on whether you intend to watch television, check emails or just relax in bed. Like other products mentioned in this article, the Serta Motion Perfect is an adjustable foundation for use with a compatible mattress.

The Motion Perfect also includes a message feature which you can toggle between six levels of intensity. However, no matter which level you choose, the base will remain whisper-quiet.

We particularly like that, if you have the Serta Motion Perfect III, you can control it from the mobile app Serta MP Remote, which is available in optimized form for both smartphones and tablets.

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

As you sleep in this bed, it can collect a range of data, including your breathing rate and heart rate. With this data at hand, you can subsequently tinker with the firmness and temperature of your particular side of the bed.

With its king FlexTop P6 mattress and two DualTemp mattress pads, the Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed is certainly advanced in design. However, it’s also expensive at its usual price of $7,600, so that’s a good reason to watch out for Black Friday deals that could – ahem – cushion the blow.