Online shopping is a worldwide phenomenon and when you’re browsing the web, whether it is on your laptop, tablet or smartphone, sometimes you just can’t stop yourself from piling stuff into your cart or onto your wish list. In fact, shopping online is now so popular that according to a 2017 report from the US Department of Commerce, online sales brought a staggering $394.9 billion to the economy in 2016, with sales rising by 15% and accounting for more than 8% of total retail sales for the year. But how do you find the best shopping deals when you’re surfing the web?

There a ton of tips and tricks to save money when shopping online and we’re going to share our secrets.

Mutually Beneficial Relationship with Store Vendors

Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s a new pair of running sneakers, a new dress, a new toaster, new computer…you know name it, log into your online account on whatever site you are on, add the desired item into your cart and log off. This is a two-stage process so now you’re going to have to hang tight for a day or two but you can bet your bottom dollar that a coupon or promo code of some kind will land in your inbox to tip the purchase. Leaving the items in your cart suggests that you’re contemplating a purchase and by sending a promo card, the store entices you to finish your transaction.

Clear your Browsing History

Online stores often offer discounts to new customers in a bid to encourage them to sign-up or make a purchase. In order to get this every time, be sure to clear your browsing history just as you’re about to start shopping as this can trick vendors into thinking you’re a new customer each time. This also works when booking holidays and flights, if you’re a returning customer and have recently checked out certain dates, the vendor is likely to bump up the price a little to trick you into thinking the price is going to continue to rise if you don’t complete your purchase soon. In order to revert to the original price simply clear your browsing history.

Comparison Websites

Comparison websites are good for a lot more than just giving you a breakdown of the best insurance and so forth but can also get you some pretty sweet shopping deals, enabling you to choose the best vendor. If you’re looking to buy an item that’s available across a number of sites, enter the item on a comparison site and you will be presented with a list of sites where the item is available along with a price. However, before you select the cheapest option it’s often a good idea to check out each site as hidden costs such as postage and packaging can often be incurred, bumping that price up.

Email Alerts and Push Notifications

Why not let the deals come to you? Nowadays there are ton of apps and websites that allow you to create alerts for deals on your favorite brands. All you need to do is sign up, input your favorite brands whether it be Nike, Coach, Coles, Target, you name it, and whenever that site has offers on, and you’ll receive a push notification or email.

As well as this, it’s often a good idea to sign up to your favorite brands’ newsletters. Retailers will try and tempt you to shop with them online by including money off and discount codes in their marketing emails. This is something definitely worth doing as some brands offer discounts as big as 20%.

Similarly, if you’re big on social media, use your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat account to stay in touch with the brands you like. Companies are huge on consumer loyalty and are increasingly creating social-only deals, releasing information regarding discounts to their social media followers first.

Checkout Online Auctions

One of the best way of finding bargains online when you’re on the hunt for shopping deals is to head over to eBay. Whatever item you’re looking for, you’re likely to be able to find as good as new on eBay. It may be the case this item has never been used or has only been used a handful of times but is a fraction of the price if you were to buy from a retailer. When using eBay, it’s also ideal to search for items near to your home or work as this means you’re able to collect the item rather than pay for delivery charges.