Whilst some of us still prefer to use a stove to heat up the remains of last night’s meal, it’s an undeniable fact that the microwave has become an integral part of modern life. Whether you are at the office trying to heat up your lunch, making a small pot of food for your baby, or a college student trying to heat up some cheap soup, a microwave makes a warm meal quick and accessible, meaning that you are well fed and ready to continue on with your day without a hungry belly. However, how do you know what microwave would really suit your daily routine? This list is here to help you with that with some suggestions of products you should look into.

Some Aesthetic Advice

Take a look at your kitchen. Is it big, small or medium? When looking into a microwave, it is essential that you truly understand what sort of machine you need. If you are just looking to heat up a bowl of soup then you may want a smaller device, fit for one person and without any additional accessories. However, if you are feeding a family, you may want something sleeker and faster, such as the Oster 1.6 cu ft 1100 Watt Microwave, and big enough to heat up several foods at once. Some microwaves even defrost and soften the food product.

An additional question to consider is in regards to the turn-table inside of the microwave. A problem with some of the smaller microwaves is that the turn table is so small that it cannot adequately turn the plate or bowl 360 degrees. This may be because it gets stuck or the bowl is simply too heavy or big to move around effectively. Thus, to avoid this, be sure to mainly use small bowls with small microwaves, and big bowls with big microwaves.

You may also want to consider the sort of colour that the machine is and whether it can suit your environment. A large microwave may look odd if you have a small counter top, so be certain to make sure the room is big enough to house your microwave, as well as any future table top device.

Family Life

When you have a large family then you need a microwave that can incorporates their hectic life styles. However, when your back is turned you may find that your child wants to try and use it for their own crazy ideas. In order to prevent this, microwaves can now come with security features, like child safety locks that can only be opened with a certain push. They can also come in the form of electric buttons, in which they will need to be pressed in a certain order to open up the microwave.

What sort of Energy should I be looking into?

As a rule, you should look into the rule of: the higher the wattage, the faster the cooking time. Whilst this may not be very good for keeping your house eco-friendly, a microwave that is under 700 watts or less is more likely to be slower and may even make the food cook un-evenly. The best level to cook your food at is 1,000-watts, as this will make sure the food is cooked as evenly as possible.

What should I do if it breaks down?

The worst feeling you can have when searching for the perfect product is when you find it, use it a few times only to have it break down in front of you. This can be especially frustrating if you are in a hurry and need your food as quickly as possible.

Whilst you cannot predict your machine breaking down, you can at least get your money back for it. For microwaves at Walmart, each have a one year limited “return to vendor” (RTV), so when you are considering the microwave you want to buy, if you choose to buy it from a different store then be sure to ask whether you can return it if it breaks down or encounters difficulties. Compare them in different stores to see which has longer warranty, that way if you suspect it is breaking down, you can take it back to be replaced.

Fancy Machines

Nowadays, you not only can get microwaves with built in pre-set programmes to ensure that you can simply pick the right temperature for your food, but some even now contain convection cooking and grilling. This is where a fan oven and grill are combined with the microwave’s power to create a quick blast of energy for your food. This means it is cooked quicker. For a bonus feature, if you want to grill a toastie, sandwich or the odd pop-tart, the circulating hot air can even be used to crisp food underneath its grill, which is perfect if you need a quick bite to eat before school.