A microwave oven should be in everybody’s kitchen - It’s just too convenient and useful not to be. When looking for a new microwave, there are many features to take into consideration. This guide will help you choose the perfect microwave for your needs.


There are many models of microwaves out there. From grill microwaves, to microwave-only models, to combination microwaves and more. Depending on what you want from your microwave, a particular model can make all the difference.

Grill microwaves are perfect for those that like the extra option to grill their food, while combination microwaves can include a grill option, a steam function, convection heating and more. This means they can heat, roast, crisp and defrost all-in-one. Expect a higher price when it comes to grill and combination microwaves though, as more functionality means a higher price tag.

Microwave-only models are your basic microwaves. They are limited to defrosting and heating functions, making them cheap but useful. They get the job done, but don’t expect much else.

If your needs are basic and you want a simple microwave, then microwave-only models are for you. If you want something a bit fancier with more versatility, then grill and combination microwaves should so the job.


Is there a trustworthy brand you would like to purchase a microwave from? Or maybe all of your other kitchen items and cookware are from the same brand and you would like your microwave to match?

Then search for the brand you want instore or online. Nearly every U.S. cookware brand have their own microwaves. Even if you’re not sure on a particular brand, look at the reviews and rating of microwaves online. This is useful, as doing some research before you buy can limit any buyer’s remorse.

The current top rated brands on Amazon for microwaves are Toshiba and Panasonic. I have listed the best-rated microwaves below:

Toshiba’s Eco Mode EM131A5C-BS microwave comes with a smart sensor, two color options (black stainless steel and stainless steel), a large digital display, and uniquely, a one-touch start popcorn setting. This microwave is $199.99 on Amazon currently, just make sure to check it out this Black Friday/Digital Monday to see if it goes on sale.

Panasonic’s NN-SD945S microwave is built with inverter technology, advanced turbo defrost speeds and an automatic sensor that can adjust the power and times for different kinds of foods. Currently at $185.35 on Amazon, getting this microwave or something similar is definitely something to consider, especially if you love having lots of features.


If you care more about the design of a microwave, you should definitely seek out microwaves that can be built-in or that come in a variety of colors.

Built-in microwaves save your kitchen space, creating a sleek and slimline appearance compared to a bulkier one. If you have the extra cash, invest in a built-in design as it will save you space in the long-run.

Color can be the best part when it comes to picking out kitchen appliances. Whether you want something to match your kitchen or just want something a little bit different, seek out the perfect color microwave to make your kitchen complete.

The Nostalgia RMO400RED Retro microwave has a very unique design. Red in color with a retro look, this microwave is the perfect eye candy for a retro-inspired kitchen.

Even more fun, the Farberware Classic FMO09BBTDMA microwave on Amazon can come in Camouflage, Carbon Fiber, Marble and Wood. These designs are super unique and can easily become a staple piece in anyone’s kitchen.

Voice control

One of the newest features out there is voice control.

Amazon has their AmazonBasics microwave with voice control coming out on November 14, 2018. Compatible with Alexa, you can talk to your microwave without having to click any buttons! This microwave even comes with an auto popcorn replenish feature, meaning that when you make popcorn, the AmazonBasics microwave will reorder when you run low. This is a very smart, up-to-date and compact microwave – you just have to wait for it to be released, which is just in time for the sales!

Safety locks

Safety features are important if you have small children running around.

A microwave with a safety lock is perfect for concerned parents as it can prevent kids from turning on the microwave or putting things in it, which could lead to a fire and possible injuries. A safety lock is therefore a good feature to look out for when searching for a microwave to purchase.

Whether you are after a basic microwave or an advanced one, be sure to browse around and make the best decision for you.