Looking For Deals On A Wine Cooler...


There are many features to look out for when buying a wine cooler for your home that many people forget about. Wine is important after all, and you want to make sure it has a nice home too. Here are some things to look out for before buying a wine cooler:

Size and capacity

Sounds simple enough but some people neglect to check or take the correct measurements for the area they are wanting their wine cooler to fit into. Never make a guess and always measure!

There are even different types of wine coolers for every space available like upright coolers, countertop coolers and even under counter coolers. So if space is an issue, be sure to browse around for a wine cooler that fits your needs.
Capacity is also a big thing to consider. Are you a regular wine drinker or do you only drink on special occasions? The amount you and others consume determines the size of wine cooler you will need. If you like having lots of wine, consider a wine cooler with lots of shelves. If not, a smaller wine cooler will do.

Dual temperature and insulation

Dual temperature wine coolers allow you to store red and white wine together, meaning you can save space and achieve the best optimal serving temperature for both wines. Instead of spending money on two wine coolers, get one with a dual temperature function. This will save you money in the long run, that being said, if you are purely a red or white wine drinker, a single temperature cooler will do just fine.

Insulation is also an important factor. If your wine cooler is not insulated, the temperature won’t remain constant, and as a result, your wine can be affected as well as your energy bill.
Another tip is that UV-resistant glass doors will protect your wine from UV rays. This is especially important if you find yourself putting your wine cooler in the view of direct sunlight. Although not ideal, if this cannot be helped, UV-resistant glass doors are here to help.

Temperature alarms and memory function

Sometimes people leave a cooler door open, harming the items in the cooler and creating a bigger energy cost.

Some wine coolers however are installed with temperature alarms, meaning if you leave your cooler door open or if for some other reason the temperature drops, an alarm will sound notifying you to close the door or fix the temperature to protect your wine. This function is highly desirable, especially if you have expensive wines in your cooler that you would hate being ruined.

A memory function is also important as it will remember the set temperature for your wine and restore the cooler back to this after a power outage. This is definitely helpful, giving you peace of mind.

Anti-vibration system

It’s strange to think that sound can affect your wine. Well, it can. Vibrations can have an effect on your wine’s color and taste. If you’re a big wine taster, nothing should be more upsetting than knowing that vibrations can affect a great wine tasting experience.
An anti-vibration system prevents vibrations and sound from reaching your wine – a reassuring function indeed.

Door locks

If you have children and safety is a concern, make sure you invest in a wine cooler that has door locks. Preventing your child from accessing the wine cooler can help prevent broken glass, injuries, spillage and more.
It’s best to plan ahead for such events, so a door lock is perfect for just that.

Modern design

If you want a wine cooler that is up-to-date and sleek in design, then look for a wine cooler that has digital controls or touch controls, and one that has unique features like smart phone compatibility or changing led lights.

Another thing to look out for is color. Make sure your wine cooler fits with the rest of your décor for a tidy and smart appearance. Browns and blacks usually look natural and modern, especially if you are seeking a wooden appearance over stainless steel.


Depending on many factors like size, material and smart features, the price of a wine cooler can vary. On Amazon, the Magic Chef MCWC6B 6 Bottle countertop wine cooler is a best seller at only $67.07, while another best seller is the Ivation 18 Bottle Dual Zone Red & White wine cooler at $189.99. The latter has more capacity, a digital temperature display, an energy-efficient thermoelectric cooling system with no compressor, to minimize the vibration effect and noise, and is insulated with solid polyurethane heavy foam.

The Magic Chef wine cooler is obviously smaller, but it is still highly rated and comes with adjustable temperature controls, a thermoelectric cooling system, and of course, a smaller price tag.

There are many types of wine coolers out there to suit everybody’s needs. If you’re on a budget and would like a smaller wine cooler for extra space, or whether you want extra features and more room for your collection of wine, you can be reassured that there is a perfect wine cooler out there for you – just keep browsing, especially during sale time for great deals.